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August Moon Restaurant is the best restaurant in Portland for authentic, great-tasting, and affordable Chinese food. FREE DELIVERY to nearby locations in Portland. FREE PARKING for restaurant guests.

Authentic Chinese Food in Portland Made Easy with Online Ordering and Free Delivery!

Craving for your favorite Kung Pao Chicken? Feel like diving right into a warm bowl of sweet and sour pork? How about a superb dish of shrimps or scallops with garlic sauce?

Satisfy your taste buds and order these delicious Chinese foods NOW. Just click our ONLINE delivery tab and we’ll give you FREE delivery when your order reaches $18 and above. This is the easiest and quickest way for you to get the freshest and most delectable Mandarin and Hunan Chinese cuisine in Portland.

We also serve great choices for Chinese food during our daily luncheon specials. Visit our restaurant in Portland together with your family and friends and enjoy our wonderful offers for big family dinners. These are complete with appetizers, soups, and desserts. Our restaurant also has the best selection of seafood and vegetable dishes for our Portland customers who would like to avoid pork and other red meat.

You don’t have to travel to another continent just to taste the real flavors of Chinese food. Visit our spacious and cozy restaurant in Portland today and you’ll have the wonderful variety of Chinese food right in the US. FREE delivery and reservations! Please call us now so one of our restaurant staff can assist you with reservations or delivery in Portland. Tel.: (503) 248-9040

Enjoy the best tasting Chinese stir fry, Hunan Beef, BBQ Pork with Broccoli, Lo mien, Fried Rice, and other classic Chinese food only here at August Moon Restaurant. With our FREE delivery, you don’t even need to leave your Portland home. Our delivery is fast, on time, and always with quality Chinese food you’d expect from the best authentic Chinese restaurant in Portland.

Why Choose August Moon Restaurant?

August Moon Restaurant only uses the freshest, quality ingredients in every Chinese dish we make. We have fresh delivery for our ingredients every day and our chefs make sure that these are handled properly and with the strictest food hygiene in mind.

The same careful thought in put in our cooking process. We do not use any MSG and only have 100% vegetable oil for our frying needs. We want our health-conscious customers to be able to enjoy our authentic Chinese food without feeling guilty afterwards.

Our restaurant staff and waiters are highly trained in food hygiene and customer service. That’s why we're confident that you’ll not only enjoy our great tasting food, but also the service of our courteous and competent staff.

Reserve your table today! Alternatively, you may also call us now for FREE DELIVERY. We look forward to seeing you in our restaurant in Portland!