Famous Restaurant of Authentic Chinese Food with Delivery, Serving Mandarin and Hunan Cuisine in Portland

August Moon Restaurant has been dishing out delicious authentic Chinese food in Portland for over 10 years and has become a famous Chinese restaurant where Eastern meets Western food. Our creative and experienced chefs whip up traditional Mandarin-style food and Hunan cuisine using only the freshest ingredients. This is why we are Portland's best Chinese-style restaurant serving both dine-in and delivery orders!

Our restaurant is not just the known for best Chinese food in Portland but also the perfect location for a quiet dinner or a food adventure with the whole family. Enjoy our dishes from Kung - Pao Chicken to stir fry meats, and other traditional Mandarin food and Hunan cuisine in Portland. We also serve dishes that cater to different dietary needs, such as healthy and light vegetarian dishes.

Whether you decide to visit or call for delivery of your favorite Kung - Pao Chicken, you get the same quality Mandarin food from our Chinese chefs-truly a perfect restaurant of exotic flavors and aromas! Order our Chinese stir fry, Kung - Pao Chicken, Mandarin and Hunan cuisine, each plated beautifully and served freshly cooked! If you'd like to enjoy this scrumptious Chinese food at the comfort of your home in Portland, take advantage of our delivery services. We offer FREE delivery to residents of Portland and surrounding areas.

Experience great Chinese food without leaving Portland! Reserve a table today or call us at (503) 248-9040 and have your favorite Chinese food, Mandarin and Hunan cuisine delivered straight to your door step.